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Servicing and cleaning your air conditioner units is very important and is often over looked or forgotten about. Chances are your air conditioner/s have not been serviced/cleaned in a long time, which may be a health hazard to you and your family or employees.

A poorly maintained unit will often be full of harmful bacteria, dust and mold in the coil of the indoor unit. The air that you breath in must pass though the coil to cool or heat the air from the air conditioner. It also has large effects on the cooling or heating efficiency costing you more money and can use up to 40% more electricity to run the unit. It is recommend to have your air conditioning units serviced and cleaned once every 6 months.

Servicing a split system unit consists of;

1. General cleaning of the indoor and outdoor unit.
2. Indoor filter clean.
3. Indoor coil clean with Eco-friendly antibacterial coil cleaner.
4. Clean and flush condensation drain.
5. Check all indoor and outdoor electrical terminals.
6. Clean outdoor condenser coil.
7. Clean fan barrel and fins

We’ll have your air conditioner looking and smelling like new again!

You can have one of our fully qualified technicians professionally clean and service your air conditioner with discounts for multiple units. Call now for a quote or to book a service.

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